Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Contract

We received the contract today form India.  As we start looking it over some things stand out immediately.  It is longer than expected - 39 pages in total.  The paper itself has a bit of a purple hue to it - not quite the stark white office paper that we're used to.  Instead of a staple, paperclip or metal fastener the contract is instead held together by some sort of string tie.

We also see that our surrogate and her husband "signed" the contract via a thumbprint rather than by a signature.  They live in New Delhi and are 32 and 38.  Not too young, not too old.  I notice that our surrogate's thumbprint is about the size of mine - she has small hands like me.  I wonder what this surrogacy and money will mean to them.  Will they buy a house?  Put their kids through college?

We start reading through the details to make sure that everything looks correct.  We have already spent a significant amount of time educating ourselves on surrogacy and the terms of a surrogacy contract and everything is in line with our expectations. 

We then headed over to the bank to sign and get this notarized.  It is official - we have a surrogate.

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