Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why is it so ?#%* Difficult to Get Money Into India?

I have now attempted to make our down payment using my credit card and twice so far it has not gone through and I have not received any sort of notification from the card company.  After the second attempt I call the credit card company.  Luckily I got someone who was smart enough to transfer me to the fraud department.  I think that was part of the issue with Mark's attempts is that he only talked to the regular customer service people and not the fraud department.

I find out from the fraud department why I hadn't even received notification.  Because this payment looked so suspect to them, they just automatically assumed it wasn't a "real" payment.  I explained that it was real and that we would like one of the payments to got through. 

I waited and noticed that the payment did not seem to be showing up on my card activity statement.  I called the card company again.  The fraud department then explained that once a payment has been declined it cannot be re-authorized.  I then "pre-authorized" a payment for $1,000 to the India clinic and was told to make the payment yet again.

Here's Hoping............

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