Tuesday, July 22, 2014

39 for the first time

Today is my 39th birthday.  I open my card (with check) from my parents - it is really sweet that they still do that.  I read the novel that Mark's parents wrote in their card for me - it is really sweet that they do that.  I read my texts and emails from friends and co-workers and my Facebook posts.  I sat down and reflected on life, what's happened in the past year, and what the next year looks like.

It was a tough year.  One failed IVF cycle and one less than stellar IVF cycle.  A big disappointment with our intended gestational carrier.  My cat of 14 years (and substitute child) passed away.  I got Salmonella poisoning.  A lot of big projects and a lean department to complete them with at work.  And.....the house is just one big continuous project.

But it was also a good year.  We got Archer in the fall.  Mark and I went deer hunting for the first time together in the fall.  We had a few really great trips.  I got to see my sister marry her soul mate.  And......we have started a new length on our journey to become parents......and this one looks pretty promising.

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