Thursday, July 17, 2014

Maybe It's Time For A Change of Scenery

We decided to try and call our clinic today to see if their was any way that we could get our appointment with our doctor moved up.  We were hoping that maybe we could get prioritized since we have somewhat of a timing issue with the upcoming India trip.  No luck there. 

We then thought that maybe we could talk to our nurse again and have her talk to our doctor to get a feel for whether or not he would be willing to be a prescribing doctor for us and therefore cut a few days off of our trip.  No such luck there either.  Our nurse said that he wouldn't weigh in without seeing up and talking to our India doctor......but again, her intuition was telling her that our doctor would not be willing to do it.

Ugh.  Now what were we supposed to do?

I decided to try my friend's clinic.  I figured that worst case they would say no and then we were no further back than we were before.  I called and was actually able to get an appointment next week (what?  Our clinic it takes at least a month to get in).  I spoke some with fertility coordinator and she said that they do monitoring for other clinics often, they haven't worked with a foreign clinic before but that shouldn't be a problem.  She said that I would need to speak with the doctor to see what he would and would not be willing to do for us as far as monitoring and prescribing but she thought that most likely he would be willing to help us.

I am trying not to get my hopes up right now, but this sounds promising......

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