Sunday, July 6, 2014

Picking A Winner

We have been researching and corresponding with clinics for about a week now.  We had narrowed our choices down to five clinics - two in Mumbai, one in Anand, and two in New Delhi.  After more researching and finding some not so positive reviews on two of the clinics we were down to three.  We then find out that the top 3 clinics in Mumbai were being investigated due to visa fraud (allowing procedures to be done with people visiting on a tourist vs. a medical visa)....and then there were two.

We were now down to the clinic in Anand and one in New Delhi.  The clinic in Anand had been featured on a popular daytime TV show in the US and was featured in a few notable news articles.  This clinic was about $10K more expensive than the New Delhi clinic and was really the only thing in Anand which is not a major metropolitan area.  Going into our clinic research we had assumed that this would be our top choice due to the fact that is was probably the best known clinic.

The clinic in New Delhi was not featured in as many articles, but was close to if not evenly rated with the clinic in Anand.  I was able to find a few recommendations for this clinic based not only on their surrogacy success but also on their abilities as an IVF clinic.  This piqued my interest.  Unlike a lot of couples that were looking to pursue surrogacy in India, we are looking to use my eggs (instead of donor eggs).  This makes the clinic's IVF success equally if not more important to us.  This, the cost difference and the fact that we would have more to do and see in New Delhi the choice for us started to become clear.......we were going to New Delhi come September.

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