Friday, July 25, 2014

To Blog, or not to Blog: that is the question.

Every time I chat with someone regarding our journey they always tell me that I should have a blog.  I honestly had never considered blogging before.....I never thought anyone would find what I had to say all that interesting.  I had the evening to myself, and as I sipped on my glass of wine I thought - why not?  I have been helped by the blogs that I have read.   Maybe I would in turn help someone else.  Maybe no one ever reads my blog.  Who cares really?  This seems like a way for me to tell my story and my end up being quite cathartic.  Mark and I had already decided that we were going to be careful about who we shared our news with and that we were not going to share on Facebook at this could also be a great avenue to keep our close friends and family up to date on our journey.

So over several glasses of wine I start to write my story and the story of Mark and Teri.  Some parts were painful.  It was tough reliving my pregnancy losses and being told that I would never have my own children at such a young age.  Some parts were fun, I still chuckle when I think about our Sake Bombs on our first date.

On and on I began to write and start filling in the story.  Cheers to Death and Taxes!

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