Friday, August 1, 2014

Stay off of Web MD

Now I haven't actually gotten the official results back on the cyst situation, but the ultrasound tech spent an awfully long time measuring a large black dot on my right ovary that looked a lot this (this an ultrasound picture of an ovarian cyst).  I have had cysts before and know what they feel like also, so I am pretty sure I have a cyst.  More on that as more details come in.

I DID get back most of my other labs (I had 7 vials of blood drawn).  Since my clinic is unable to fax internationally, I get to be a liason of my test results and labs.  Most of the time you don't really get to see your labs and mostly that's for a good reason.  I (of course) started googling everything and deterimining what everything meant.  I get very hung up on my antral follicle count - it's not good - only 8-10 follicles.  That's in the "reduced count" range meaning higher than average risk for IVF cycle cancellation.  Then I read more and find out that 8-10 follicles is pretty normal for a 39 year old.  DAMN YOU WEB MD!

Actually my test results were pretty good.  Everything was within the normal range.

I saw that I missed a call from the clinic and that I had a voicemail.  They were going over my test results and noted that everything looked good......except my TSH.  They said that while it was in the "normal" range it was actually a little higher than they would like and that they would recommend medication.  I looked into this and it makes soooo much sense.  I have been tired, had trouble focusing, my hair and skin have been extra dry and I have been blaming "allergies" for months.  I am calling them back on Monday and doing whatever they recommend.

Thank you India for being extra thorough - those 7 vials of blood all seem worth it right now.

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