Saturday, August 9, 2014

Minnesotan Mosquitoes Aren't Nice Either

The backs of my legs
We spent the day today up north in the woods near Crosslake, MN starting to get ready for deer season.
We tested the new trailer hitch on my car and our newly revamped trailer with Mark's deer stand, two ladders, and a bunch of tools to get it put back together again.  Everything seemed to hold up well an my car survived.
For nearly eight hours we trimmed underbrush, marked our trails, and carried wood, tools and other needed items back and forth from the trailer to our intended stand locations.  We applied sunscreen, bug spray, and drank Gatorade constantly.
Unfortunately I used the spray on Deep Woods Off.  I think I now understand why the travel clinic recommends the long lasting lotion kind instead of the spray on kind.
Apparently the bug spray wore off, especially on the backs of my legs.  The small area of skin between the tops of my boot and the bottoms of my capris was savagely attacked.  They also got the small of my back because my shirt kept riding up.  They even bit my butt cheeks when I had to stop to pee behind a bush :(  Miraculously I managed to keep my face, arms, neck, and most of the rest of me covered.

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