Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We Got Our VISAs!

Our FedEx package finally arrived today.  I was nervous to open it.  I was really hoping that the fact that it seemed light was a good sign.  Our application can't possibly be in there.........I hope.

I slowly opened the package and looked inside.  Only our passports were inside.  OK.  I flipped through my passport and a couple of pages in was my VISA!  OK.  I flipped through Mark's passport and a couple of pages in was his VISA.  I could barely contain my joy.

We have been on hold for weeks now, waiting for word on our VISAs, knowing that we can't book or plan anything until we get them.  We were so worried that we weren't approved.  The email that we received on Friday did NOT say that we were or were not approved, only that our application and passports were being dispatched.  This looked a lot like a rejection to me.  If we were rejected than we had to quickly try to fix whatever the problem was and reapply.  This meant at least a couple more weeks, this meant that we were most likely not going to India at the end of September and would have to wait until the next cycle in October....or even later.  Unfortunately after 35 and especially after 38 each month that passes by means that you are less and less fertile.

Even as I am composing the email to India letter them know that we got our VISAs and I got my period (on time despite last month's hiccup) and that we were now ready for our travel dates, prescriptions and next steps, I could start to feel the tension slowly lessening.  Don't get me wrong, I still feel pretty stressed, but at least now at has decreased from "heart-attack level".

I can't even begin to express how relieved that I am at this moment.  I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, that we can finally move forward, that we may actually be going to India and this whole thing might actually work out.

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