Thursday, August 21, 2014

We Need A Date Night

Mark and I have been snapping at each other pretty much nonstop since I got home.  I know that it is the stress of everything that we have going on.  We have too much going on.  We both are very busy at work, going through a remodel, and trying to get things lined up for India.  Some days it is a major accomplishment just to keep out shit together!

I ask Mark if we can have a date night tonight.  He quickly agrees.  Thank God!

We started talking in the car on the way there.  He admits that he is over his limit right now and I admit that I am also.  Unfortunately we are coping by taking it out on each other.  I know that this is not the most healthy way of dealing with things, but seems to be how we both keep it from coming out at work.  We agree that try and do better with that.

At dinner I surprise Mark and sit on the same side of the booth with him.  He seems a little uncomfortable so I ask him if that's OK.  He says he's just never done that before.  I haven't either but think it's sweet when I occasionally see other people do it.  It was sweet.  We held hands and were actually able to have a conversation without "yelling" over the table.  I think we should do it more often.

Good food, good wine, and good conversation.  These are things every relationship needs from time to time.

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