Saturday, August 2, 2014

How to Apply for an Indian Medical Visa

As of June 06,2013 new visa requirements are in effect for prospective surrogate parents.  The Indian government requires prospective surrogate parents to meet certain conditions to qualify for medical visas to come to India.  The couple needs to fill out the required medical visa forms, include money orders for the visa application and fedex fees, and attach the following documents:
(i) The foreign man and woman are duly married and the marriage should have sustained at least for two years [a copy of marriage certificate]. 
(ii) A letter from the Embassy of the foreign country in India or the Foreign Ministry of the country should be enclosed with the Visa application stating clearly that (a) the country recognizes surrogacy and (b) the child/children to be born to the commissioning couple through the Indian surrogate mother will be permitted entry into their country as a biological child/children of the couple commissioning surrogacy. )
(iii) The couple will furnish an undertaking that they would take care of the child/children born through surrogacy
(iv) The treatment should be done only at one of the registered Assisted Reproductive Technology clinics recognised by Indian Council of Medical Research (The current list of such clinics is given below and may be revised from time to time) 
(v) a duly notarised agreement between the applicant couple and the prospective Indian surrogate mother. 
(vi) Medical Visa invitation letter from the clinic
and your passports to the closest Consulate General of India office (or after July 1, 2014 to Cox & Kings to whom the Indian visa processing has been outsourced), which for us is in Chicago.
The Consulate website notes that the acceptance of visa fee does not automatically guarantee a visa as the Consulate General reserves the right to delay or refuse visa without providing a reason.  That applicant(s) are advised not to purchase or make travel arrangements prior to receiving the visas.
Sooooo.....we gathered up all of the required forms, fees, and passports and shipped them via fedex to the Chicago office of Cox and Kings and are currently hoping for the best.

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