Friday, August 29, 2014

Everything is Booked....

It's 6 am.  Mark's alarm goes off and we both groggily get out of bed.  I excitedly ask "Is there an email from India this morning?"  Not yet, no email.  "We need to email them again!"

As I keep bugging Mark to send an email while taking my shower he finally tells me that I can stop pestering him.  We have our email.  We have our travel dates confirmed and I have my medication prescription.

I barely dry off before I am at the computer forwarding information to our clinic here to process the prescription and to book our flights and hotel.  Luckily I have been looking at flights and places to stay for a couple of week now so I just had to refresh the search.

The flight is going brutal - 8 hours to Amsterdam and then 8 more hours to New Delhi.  I guess that I should be thankful for only one short break, but we are in coach and on one of the flights not even sitting together (I keep trying to get new seats but the airline so far isn't letting me change).  Thankfully the flights are actually pretty decently priced even though we are past the six week prime booking window.

Unfortunately the fact that we are outside of the prime booking zone is affecting our hotel choice.  Two weeks ago the Hyatt Regency was offering a 50% off prepaid deal for extended it is only 20%.  We would like to stay pretty close to the clinic, but also don't want to dip below 4 stars or stay somewhere that isn't rated pretty well on travel sites.  We feel like we are just creating more opportunities to get sick if we don't stay in a nicer place.  As much I had my hopes up for the Hyatt a difference of $1,000 for our stay is pretty significant - that buys 6 vials of Follistim.  So, we picked a boutique hotel close to the clinic.

In addition to our flights and hotel, we also have my drug prescription from India (at least the first five days of my protocol).  I get that over to our clinic here, who then dispatches an order to Walgreens.  I also have my Day 2 labwork and ultrasound scheduled for the day that we leave.

It's starting to get real.........

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