Thursday, August 14, 2014

Off For A Much Needed Vacation

Although vacation always ends up being a lot of work at home - packing and getting everything lined up (tickets, passport/id, etc.) and being a lot of work at work - making sure that everything is covered while you are out - it still generally provides a few relatively stress-free days.  I am in need of some stress free days.

At my sister's wedding, my other sister let me know that her husband turns 40 this year and that she would like to throw a party for him.  Since their birthdays are only a few days apart, it was also a great excuse for a big joint birthday party.  I do try to come out to visit her in DC every couple of years, and this was a great excuse to do so.  My parents let me know that they were also planning on going.

I really wasn't sure if I should try to go with everything going on with us with the surrogacy and on top of that - being on a rather sizable and time consuming project at work.  But, I also realized that I actually probably really needed a few days away from everything for my own sanity.  So....I booked it.  I always enjoy my visits, so this one should be no exception.

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