Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What about India?

We were both aware that surrogacy in India was a possibility and joked at a time or two that we should just "outsource to India", but we had never seriously looked into it before now.

India has been dubbed as the "surrogacy capital of the world." India is the leader in the commercial surrogacy industry because of the affordability of the procedure and ready availability of women opting to be surrogate for childless foreigners.  There are estimates that commercial surrogacy in India is projected to become a whopping US $2.3 billion-a-year in 2012.

The cost of using a surrogate in India ranges from $20K - $30K (more for Caucasian donor eggs and IVF drugs are often extra) vs $70K - $100K in the US.   There are thousands of clinics in the country that offer surrogacy services and many have very nice looking websites.

We are able to find several articles on people who have had children successfully via surrogates in India.


Is this our answer?

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