Friday, June 27, 2014

The Clock is Ticking......

We decided that we are going to do another IVF cycle in India for our upcoming surrogacy.  Now we need to decide when this is going to happen.  Unfortunately time is of the essence.  My 39th birthday is coming up within a month.  Once a woman turns 35 and especially once she turns 38 her fertility starts on a very steep decline.  Each month your fertility prospects start getting worse and worse.

So, we needed to get this party started....and soon.  After our last IVF cycle the doctor recommended taking DHEA to (hopefully) boost our egg quality with another IVF cycle.  Eggs take about 90 days to develop, so I would need to start taking DHEA at least 90 days before our intended IVF cycle to make a difference.  That means our retrieval can't happen before early October if I start taking DHEA today.

Well, I am expecting a period right around the end of September, which would mean an October retrieval.  The clinics that we've contacted all say that they would be open for an October surrogacy.  October looks like a good time to do this for both Mark and my work schedules.  This will make a dent in our grouse hunting season, but we'd be back in time for deer season.  October it is!

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