Monday, June 23, 2014

The Facebook Post

As some of you may know, Teri Sand I have some fertility issues requiring us to use a Gestational Carrier. We are in the process of looking for said baby carrier and if you happen to know anyone who would be interested, please send me a personal message. Thanks.
After our discussion yesterday about our options, Mark decides to try a last ditch effort to source our own gestational carrier locally.  While I admire his determination on this, I am not happy with his method.  We have not been public about our infertility at all.  There has been nothing on Facebook during this whole process.  Now it is out "to the world" that we are looking for a gestational carrier.

Now I know you are going to comment about the fact that we are actually being very public about our issues with this blog.  Yes and No.  The blog is an outlet for me and we are only letting very specific people know about it.  We have been helped by other people's blogs and hope that our blog may in turn help someone else.
Facebook is full of very opinionated and sometimes not very well educated people that like to make a lot of stupid comments about other people and other people's situations.  

Thankfully we only received a few "likes" and no stupid comments.

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