Monday, June 30, 2014

Exploring Our Options

There are literally thousands of clinics in India that offer surrogacy so we feel overwhelmed at first on trying to decide on which clinics to contact.  It is very important that we find a reputable clinic that has a proven track record in both their IVF statistics, surrogate births and  that also shows that its surrogates are well taken care of.  We have read a lot about sketchy clinics, mismatched babies, women that are forced into surrogacy with little or no real monitoring and medical treatment - we did not want to work with one of these clinics.

For the most part the clinics are congregated in the two largest metropolitan centers of India - Mumbai and New Delhi with another well-known clinic in Anand.  We start contacting clinics and find that there are some variances in fees between the clinics.  From what we have read, however, the clinics that quote the lower prices tend to have less inclusive "packages" and also tend to hit you with unexpected fees - this making the fees from clinic to clinic about the same.

We narrow down the search to 5 clinics and start some heavy researching on who we should choose.

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