Saturday, June 21, 2014

Am I Blue....

Today I am feeling pretty sad.  I know that there is no way that we can afford to go through the gestational carrier process unless we have a friend or family member be our GC.  When Mark and I talked about our decision to undergo this process (before we even considered doing IVF), we talked about what we could and could not afford and that at some point we may have to say "uncle".

Yes, we have "good jobs", but keep in mind that this is VERY expensive.  $70K to $100K is no joke.  We are already a bit behind our peers financially in that I have pretty significant school loans and we are both divorced (divorce hurts both the heart and the bank account).  We would be looking at taking on a significant debt load.....and with no guarantees that we would have a baby in the end.

I haven't even gotten into the emotional toll.  Infertility is hard.  Period.  It doesn't matter how major or minor or how far into the treatments you have to go.  It sucks.  Each IVF cycle was a horrible emotional roller coaster (and I had some medical issues too).  After the second cycle I was very clear that I really did not want to do it again.

I know that I need to have a sit down with Mark soon and go over our options.

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