Monday, October 6, 2014

Today We Were Celebrities

Since I was a good girl (aka Mark keeping me in the hotel against my wishes even though it was for my own good) and rested in the hotel the past few days I was given the OK to get out and do some sightseeing today.  Since it was 99 degrees today (I wish I was embellishing) and I am still a little tired and bloated.  As if sticking yourself in the belly 15-40 times, enduring multiple ultrasounds and blood draws, and having your emotions all over the place due to your hormones going crazy - you also get bloated, very bloated from IVF, and the bloat can last up to 10 days post-retrieval.  At least this time it is looking more like Thanksgiving dinner and less like I'm 4 months pregnant so I am hoping that I will not get OHSS this time.

The restaurant in our hotel is on the second floor.  Since the buildings are so close together, for appearances the building next door to the hotel has a decorative screen.  While eating breakfast this morning I saw something moving on the top of the screen.  For a second I thought it was a cat, but then I realized it was much larger.  It was a MONKEY.  I knew there were temple monkeys and that in the bazaars you may see them with street performers, but I was not expecting to see them just roaming around on their own.  In addition to random cows, packs of stray dogs, feral cats, and snakes , Delhi also has a monkey problem.  There is an estimated 30,000 monkeys (mostly rhesus monkeys) roaming the streets of Delhi.

While we were out today I kept an extra watchful eye out for monkeys but saw none.

We first visited the Qutab Minar complex.  The Qutab Minar is a 73 m-high tower of victory, built in 1193 by Qutab-ud-din Aibak (the first sultan of Delhi) immediately after the defeat of Delhi's last Hindu kingdom.  It is quite beautiful.  The minar is made of red and buff sandstone and marble and  covered with intricate carvings and verses from the Qur'an.  It is surrounded by several other tombs and monuments that were added by subsequent rules.  While there we were asked to join a few photographs - a couple of school groups and a nice gentleman.  We felt like celebrities.

We had some time to kill before lunch so were headed to Deer Park.  I wanted to go there since it was noted in the guide book as having a deer enclosure there (hence the name).  This was definitely more of a local spot vs. tourist spot as the signs were all in Hindi only vs. Hindi and English as we've seen most everywhere else.  We still managed to find the spotted deer, peacocks, yet another monument and the rabbit/guinea pig enclosure.  I thought that was an odd combo - rabbits and guinea pigs - but they seemed to get along fine.

We then headed off to The Garden of Five Senses and Magique restaurant for lunch.  Our taxi driver could NOT find this place.  We drove around and around.  Which, since we were hot and the taxi had air conditioning we weren't that worried about.  We finally found The Garden of Five Senses (Yay!).  We found out why we couldn't find Magique - apparently it's closed.  After walking around the gardens for about an hour we ate at FIO which was EXCELLENT.  Great food and cocktails :)

There was a random camel at the Garden.  We don't think this was for camel rides - it looked like one of the gentleman at the snack bar's ride.
No news on the eggs/embryos.  The transfer should be tomorrow.


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