Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's For My Own Good

Well, then I am a boring person because I am BORED.  Yet another day of hanging out in the hotel room.  The internet is spotty, so it is hard to do much work beyond answering emails.  We cannot do large downloads so streaming movies via Netflix or Apple TV is out of the question.  So, we are pretty much stuck watching TV.
Indian TV is very interesting.  Luckily we have found a couple of movie channels that show primarily American movies with subtitles.  Unluckily all of the channels seem to have commercials - even HBO.  We keep seeing commercials that show people living in large houses/apartments with lawns and high dollar appliances.  We wonder who these people are and where these people live since we haven't seen very much of that so far on the trip.
Another interesting thing is the jewelry commercials - particularly those hawking wedding/ engagement rings.  One in particular talks about how they found their day of love despite being having an arranged marriage.  Another talks about a promise that grows and should not be broken.  Mark is insistent that this is another commercial about arranged marriages.  I guest that this would be the norm.  Mr. Joy thought that arranged marriages were as common as higher than 70% of marriages and was surprised to hear that so many of us in the US had "love marriages".  The divorce rate in India is just over 1% vs. almost 50% in the US - maybe they are on to something.
While I find the nuances of Indian commercials interesting, I am longing to get out of the hotel soon.  I am doing OK after the retrieval - but still a little sore and a little tired yet.  Mark is right.  I need my rest to make sure that I make a full recovery.  I am also keeping a watchful eye out for any symptoms of OHSS since I had a mild case after my last cycle.  I hope that is not case with a couple less eggs this time - but I also don't know what my E2 levels were so there is always a chance again.

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