Thursday, October 9, 2014

Last Day in India

Us and Mr. Joy at the hotel
At this very moment we are sitting in the hotel, counting down the hours until we leave for the airport.  Don't get me wrong, it has been a wonderful and (hopefully) productive trip.  But, it will be a little over two weeks when it is all said and done, and that is a long time to be away from home.

Today we visited Humayun's Tomb.  It was built in 1570 and is the first garden tomb built in India.  The Taj Mahal is actually a near copy of this tomb's architecture nearly a century later.  While only two people were buried at the Taj Mahal, 155 people were buried within the Humayun Tomb complex.  The complex includes several smaller monument - some even older than the main tomb.

In 1993, the tomb was declared a UNESCO world heritage site and since has undergone extensive restoration.  I would love to come back and see what the other monuments in the complex look like post restoration.

We had lunch today with Mr. Joy.  He let us know that our surrogate is very healthy.  She is originally from Nepal.  Mr. Joy says that Nepalese women have “strong wombs”.  He let us know that he will be looking in on her throughout the (crossing fingers) pregnancy. 
We will be able to meet her via skype later in the pregnancy but unfortunately not in person.  We did not realize that we would have needed to meet her before the egg retrieval as post retrieval I was recovering and after the transfer she is resting until the beta test.  After the birth we are allowed no contact with her, as they have had problems with surrogates making demands from intended parents.  (I had read about this on other blogs so this is unfortunately true).
Mr. Joy also told us about what to expect for the trip back (if everything works out).  We would need to return and stay for 25-30 days after the birth to complete the exit process.  The clinic would be able to arrange an apartment for us for that month that includes our own SERVANT.  He would cook, clean, do our laundry, go shopping, and even make us 2 am coffee or tea if we wanted.  We were able to see one of the apartments today and meet the servants.  It is nice by India standards but really reminds me of the first apartment that I had in college.  The price would be the same (if not better) than a hotel for a month so we’ll make it work).

Thank you India for the memories, hopefully we'll be seeing you again in about 9 1/2 months.

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