Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Things Are Moving Along

This is what I took home from the clinic today.  Two boxes of Ovitrelle on top of an ice pack wrapped in newspaper.  Really.  I have watched similar packages going home with other ladies over the past few days, but somehow it wasn't real until it happened to me.  I do give them credit for the ice pack and trying the keep the medicines cold to remain effective.

Today was for the most part pretty boring and slow.  For some reason or another, Mark and I both woke up I the middle of the night and both had a lot of trouble getting back to sleep, making us both lacking some sleep today.  We tried to sleep in a bit and get down the restaurant with just enough time to get our breakfast.

Our appointment today wasn't until 1:30 so we had some time to kill before heading off to the clinic.  I was catching up on US and local news - the hotel only has HindustanTimes and Yahoo is Yahoo India - so I have been a little out of touch on news back home.  We decided that it is probably easier to just walk the few blocks to the clinic rather than trying to negotiate with one of the tuk-tuk drivers, so we headed out a little after 1:00 to make sure we had enough time to get there.  Mark and I feel a lot more comfortable with the walk at this point and the streets seemed a little less busy.

We arrived and the clinic did not look that busy today.  Looks can be deceiving.

The doctor called us back and let us know that the ultrasound machine was down at the moment and that we would have a 5 minute wait.  5 minutes in India = an hour and a half.  As we were waiting a LOT of people were shuffling in and out.  I figured out that there were two ladies having their retrievals today - one of the husbands was worried sick, the other was asking about the nearest place to get a beer.  Also, a VERY pregnant woman waddled in.  I think she was scheduled to give birth today.

We were called back and the doctor was chatting with Mark as I was getting ready for my ultrasound.  During my ultrasound, the doctor and the nurse once again commented on my "tiny" uterus.  My first ultrasound the nurse looked VERY concerned.  The doctor then seemed to be explaining something to her and I heard "unicornuate".  I am pretty sure that this was the first time the nurse has seen a unicornuate uterus "in person"  I guess that since only less than 1% of woman have this particular uterine abnormality it is to be expected.  It also makes me feel a little better about the whole GC situation since my uterus is "tiny".

The doctors consulted and started throwing around a lot of drug names and doses.  This was new.  Things must be happening.

The doctor told Mark that my eggs were "ready" and I was going to start some additional medications.  In addition to my Gonal F, I was given Ovurelix to prevent me from ovulating.   Tomorrow I come in for Gonal F, Ovurelix and they will also add Menopur - the Menopur will hopefully boost my egg quality.  Then, at 2 am on Friday morning I get to give myself the two shot of Ovitrelle to trigger my eggs to mature and be ready for my retrieval on Saturday.

Saturday?  That is a day faster than my last two cycles and a good three days faster than the average woman.  I am a fast-stimmer.  I worry a bit as this may be part of the poor egg quality issue, but I guess it is what it is.

A Saturday retrieval does give us more free days with which to do some sight-seeing so I guess that will be good.  Hopefully with less eggs I won't develop OHSS like I did the last time.  I also made sure to bring plenty of protein powder and Pedialyte powder to help ward off OHSS.  The bad thing is that now I am officially cooped up in my hotel room for the most part until after the retrieval on Saturday.  This sucks.  I admit that I am starting to feel a bit uncomfortable and may not be up for much anyway, but I still hate being cooped up.  Mark keeps reminding me that this is the whole reason while we are here and that the most important thing is my health and safety.

He has also agreed to massages and/or facials tomorrow and lunch at a nice restaurant (outside of the hotel) on Friday in order to placate me.  I am trying also for the zoo.......

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