Friday, October 10, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Our journey started 24 hours ago.  We left the hotel at 11 pm as we did not know how long it would take to get through the airport for our 3:12 am flight.  We figured that if in the US they say to be there 3 hours before your international flight, then in India we better be there closer to 4 hours before our flight.

I was glad that we got there early at first, the airport was packed despite it being 11:30 pm at night.  We had to go through 4 passport checks before we boarded the airplane.  We both got manhandled at security.  At least the women got to get manhandled in a little privacy box, the men had to suffer their humiliation right out in the open. There were men with machine guns all over the airport.  Mark commented on this but I reminded him that there were also in Mexico.  We have said several times that India reminded us of Mexico, a much poorer, less corrupt, less dangerous Mexico (without the all-inclusive resorts).

Our first flight was rather uneventful and the pilot and crew were very conscious of the fact that it was on overnight flight and most of the passengers were trying to sleep.  Not so much on the second flight.  I admit that it was a day flight, but still Delta, keep in mind that there are several people trying the get their body clocks adjusted and are trying to sleep.  Stop making the plane beep randomly and for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

We were so glad to finally be home.  Our dogs were so glad that we were finally home.  Despite feeling like the walking dead due to lack of sleep and too much travel, we made ourselves unpack and start some of the seemingly never ending pile of laundry.  That's success for the first day back.

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