Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Will the "To Do" List Ever Be Done? - Part 2

Today I am feeling overwhelmed by my "To Do" list.  Instead of happily crossing things off, I just keep adding to it.  As we were preparing our items for the FRRO visit, we realized that we had a lot of other important things that we should probably get done before we leave.  Like most people, we have a list of things that we keep saying that we'll get to, and then don't get to it.  I think that our India trip is making us get to a lot of those things.

Here's the list.....
1) Update and increase our life insurance
2) Update and increase our homeowners insurance
3) Make wills
4) Make living wills
5) Get extra copies of our birth certificates
6) Get extra copies of our marriage certificates
7) Get international calling for trip
8) Stop paper and mail during trip
9) line up rides to and from airport
10) Make sure everything is covered at work while I am out
11) Make sure we have the dogs & house covered while we're gone
12) Let credit card company know that we are travelling.

I know that there's probably more but my chest feels tight from this list already.......

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