Monday, September 29, 2014

Cheaper by the Half-Dozen?

Today started off a little slow.  I was pretty tired and jet-lagged so I slept in.  After getting ready and eating breakfast we had some time to kill until our appointment, so I logged into work and went through emails for a while.  We stopped down to the desk to get our C-Forms since they hadn't given those to us yet.  Luckily we looked at them since they put down "tourist" VISA instead of "medical" VISA.  Our correct C-Forms in hand we headed off to the clinic.

Joyel was not able to meet us today since he was escorting another couple.  We decided to walk since the clinic is only 500 meters away and we were able to map quest the route.  It was 95 degrees again today so the walk was pretty hot despite being rather short.  Mark told me to "Be Velcro".  We aren't supposed to show public displays of affection like holding hands, so I just tried to stay as close as I could.  Apparently not close enough as we got separated a couple of times when crossing the street.  I told him that he needs to give me a warning first before darting into traffic.

The clinic was not as busy today as it was Saturday.  We probably would have been in and out rather quickly except for the fact that we needed to make an installment payment today and their credit card machine was not working.  Also, someone was in the restroom for like, forever, so I had to wait a while before my ultrasound.

I was trying to count the "beeps" while the doctor was looking at the ultrasound to see if there were more follicles.  She is a little hard to read, but I didn't think that I was reading great results on her face.  I had to wait for Mark to come in to find out for sure.  I find it interesting that even a woman doctor plays to the gender roles here and will only talk to the husband.  Still only six follicles :(  They are growing, however, so I am to stay on my dosage and we will see her again on Wednesday.

Needless to say, I was pretty bummed by having only six follicles.  We got back to the hotel and Mark knew that I was upset.  I was pushing to go do "something" to keep my mind off things.  Mark agreed, but not until after we had a conversation about his feelings about India.  He is NOT having fun.  He does NOT feel comfortable walking around.  He especially does NOT like the way that every Indian man we pass ogles me.  He agrees to do a few things but wants us to be VERY careful.

We got a taxi through Joyel and headed off for the Lodi Gardens.  Traveling was another adventure.
It took us an hour to go 10 km.  Traffic in Delhi is crazy.  I am constantly amazed how (for the most part) they don't run into each other.  Traffic rules seem to be only guidelines here.  Motorcycles seem to be the preferred mode of transportation here - they zip in between cars and up on the sidewalks.  Midway through the trip a little girl came up to the window and just started mocking Mark - I liked her.

Walking through the Lodi Gardens was a distraction from the IVF "stuff".  The park itself is less than a hundred years old, but was created to surround monuments that are hundreds of years old.  The detail on these buildings is amazing.  The park is full of plants, birds and animals of all sorts - it seems to be a hang out for wild dogs as well as a popular make out spot for the local teenagers.  Mark also enjoyed himself despite his seeming dislike for India in general - maybe there's hope for him yet. 

Tomorrow we get to go to the dreaded FRRO - stay tuned........

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