Thursday, September 18, 2014

Where There's a Will, There's a Way

Last week I talked about the seemingly neverending "To Do" list and how I thought it would never be done.  Today I am happy to report that it is done.  Instead of focusing on all of the things to get done, I instead focused on tackling 1-2 a day until I got them done.

Today Mark and I signed our Last Wills and also our Living Wills/Health Directives.  These were things that we always talked about doing, but just never really found the time to do it.  I was a little worried about the potential time and expenses to get this done, but it ended up being pretty easy.

I found on online legal site (I used Rocket Lawyer, Legal Zoom or one of the other sites out there are probably just as good).  It was cheap, it was fast, it was easy, it was good.

The wills were great.  They state that now we do not have children, but also stipulates what we would want for any future children.  And also our furry children.

Now that we had the documents, we still had a bit of a problem.  All needed to be notarized, and our wills also needed to witnesses.  Two independent witnesses who are not parties mentioned within the will and who were willing to attest to the state of our minds and bodies.  Obviously random people at the bank were not going to want to do this.

Luckily we have a couple of notaries where I work and two of my wonderful co-workers were willing to be witnesses for my will.  If you lovely ladies are reading this.....Thank you again for your help. 

It is also good that tax documents are in some ways tax documents are similar to legal documents and that I often need to pour over legal documents looking for possible tax issues.  The point being that despite not having any formal legal training, I did a pretty good job of quickly going through the signatures today and making sure that we had all of the correct initials, signatures, etc in the all the right places within a few short minutes.  Go me.  Super Tax Girl strikes again.

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