Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fat Stacks of Cash

In preparation for our India trip I did a currency exchange at the bank and got a fat stack of rupees.  Now I know that this looks like a lot of money....before you consider mugging me on my way to the airport keep in mind that $1 USD is $60 INR, so this fat stack is not nearly as much cash as you think it is.

Now that the "to do" list is pretty much done the reality that WE LEAVE TOMORROW!!!!!!! is finally starting to set in.  I have surpassed stress, surpassed anxiety, and at times have moved into nausea.  I keep having to remind myself to breathe.

I focus on the the good things.  My period came today (like it was supposed to), I was able to get a morning appt at the doctor tomorrow for my bloodwork and ultrasound, I am already packed, I have all of our documents ready, my medicines and supplements are all ready to go, I have travel guides for India and a couple of Hindi translater apps on the iPhone.....I am good to go.  Well, almost.

Of course stuff decides to blow up at work at the worst possible time.  I am freaking out about getting everything done.  Then, once I cross one thing off the list (Yay!), two more things get put on.  I have decided that I will get as much as I can done and some things may have to wait.  I also wonder what will blow up while I am gone.  I am already a valued member of the team at work, but I am thinking that my value will raise even more if someone has to deal with a tax question while I am out.

This is how I am picturing work while I am gone......

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