Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hello Walgreens My Old Friend

Today I got to make a trip to the Walgreens in Uptown.  If you are familiar with the Twin Cities you will realize that uptown is about 25 miles from Champlin.  Why would I go to the uptown Walgreens when there is one literally a few blocks from my house?  Because the one in uptown is a fertility pharmacy and they pass their bulk discount to their customers (which is huge when your insurance doesn't cover ANY).

This IVF cycle I will be on the antagonist protocol.  After this I can now say that I have tried them all.  I will be on 300 UI of Gonal F for five days and then start Ganirelix on Day 6.  Luckily I had one vial of Follistim 300 UI left from our IVF cycle last September that is still good.  That, combined with the Walgreens discount saved us over $1,000.

I am waiting in line at the uptown Walgreens pharmacy behind the waiting sign - the one that tells you to wait about 10 feet from the counter to protect the privacy of the customer at the counter.  While I am waiting in line I am thinking that 10 feet is not nearly enough space to "protect my privacy".  I believe that this was proven to me when it was my turn at the counter.  I am handed a very large bag (keep in mind that this was NOTHING compared to my first trip to the IVF Walgreens) and told my bill was $1,216.

I hand my credit card over to the clerk like I just bought a $5 latte, meanwhile I swear I see the eyes of the guy behind me pop out of his head.  I am holding back a giggle as I look at the "What the F%^$ did she just buy?" expression on his face.  Little does he know that my last trip to the IVF Walgreen was around $3,500 - this is a STEAL compared to that ;)

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