Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sign On The Dotted Line.....

We have a final contract.  Now all we need to do is sign it.  That should be easy right? 

Sort of.

The contract needs to be signed and notarized.  So, all parties need to find a notary and sign the contract together in front of said notary.

We decided that the easiest thing to do was for all four of us to meet at the closest branch of our mutual bank.  The bank offers notary services for free to customers and is open on Saturdays.  Score!

Coffee in hand we met up at the bank at 9 am on a Saturday morning.  We found a personal banker to notarize and away we went.  In addition to our notarized signatures at the end of the contract, each page had to be initialed by all four parties (all 42 of them).  There was also a page the GC had to write out in her own handwriting.  We decided to create an assembly line to make the process as fast as we could.

The personal banker was nice and very professional.  He went about checking our IDs and filling out his notary book and tried not to ask very many questions about the nature of the contract.

One more thing checked off the list.

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