Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sign On The Dotted Line (Again).....

We should really learn to read the instructions.

We figured out on Tuesday that we need 3 original signed and notarized copies of the contract.  We have 1.  Oops.

So, coffee in hand (again), the four of us met (again), at the closest branch of our mutual bank to sign the GC contract (again).

Unfortunately this time did not go as smoothly as the last time.  GC and her husband had to drive separately as each had a child with them that needed to go to an appointment right after our signing appointment.  I do give my niece and nephew a lot of credit.  They were actually very good and very patient during our signing process.

We also got a different personal banker this time as our notary.  While our previous person was very professional, this person seemed to be phoning it in that day.  He almost forgot to have us sign the notary book.  He was obviously bored by the whole process and had better things to do.  Or at least that is the impression that he was giving us.

Oh well.  We NOW have the required 3 originally signed and notarized copies of the contract and hopefully did not inconvenience GC and her husband too greatly in the process.

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