Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We Just Can't Catch A Break


We were on the shuttle bus to the Las Vegas airport when my phone started ringing.  It was our clinic.

I was puzzled as to why the clinic would be calling.  We signed our consent last week, gave them a check for our payment (which has already cleared the bank) and have a date for our transfer.  GC has her pill prescription and doesn’t need to start any other drugs until May. 

Why are they calling?

It was our nurse and she said that she had some bad news.

What could it be?  Did GC decide that she didn’t want to be our GC?  Did something suddenly come up in the medical records that would make GC not eligible to be or GC?  Do the dates somehow not work?

None of those.  Possible much worse.

The three doctors in our clinic have gotten together and decided to go their separate ways – resulting in the closing of our clinic.

What?  Can they do that?  What about the hundreds (possibly thousands) of patients that they have?

What about us?

We have 4 embryos that are currently residing in their freezer.  How will we get those to a new clinic?  Will they pay for the shipping?  It is not cheap.

Can they help to get us into a new clinic?  Can they make a recommendation?  Will this new clinic accept all of our paperwork/tests or do we need to start all over again?

Will this push our transfer date back?  Will GC and her husband be OK with a change in timing?  With a new clinic?

What clinic is our nurse going to?  (We would totally follow her – she has been absolutely great to us which includes the fact that she is calling us right now.  Most of the other patients are just getting a letter in the mail next week.  At least we are ahead of the pack).

Right now we feel lost….and angry.  We are angry.  We sat across the table from our doctor last week who had us sign an agreement and pre-pay for services which he knew that he was never going to be able to render.  We think he’s a jerk right now.

In the end I thanked our nurse for calling us to let us know “in person” and thanked her for how good that she has been to us.

Our nurse found a way to get us samples to lower our drug costs on our second IVF after our first IVF was cancelled.  When our first IVF was cancelled she let us out the back door of the clinic so that we didn’t have to go through the lobby.  She soothed my fears and answered my emotional questions for the last three years.  She was hopeful for us when we didn’t have hope.

We will miss her.

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