Thursday, March 26, 2015

A New Clinic

There were four infertility clinics in the Twin Cities…..soon there will be three.
There is another clinic in Rochester – but that is an hour away.
There will be another clinic opening this summer – but that is this summer and rumor is that there is already a waiting list.
So, we have three clinic to choose from.
We quickly learn that one of the clinics will not accept embryos from other clinics.  Done.  End of story.
Another clinic doesn’t normally accept embryos from other clinics, but will make an exception for the patients from our clinic due to the special circumstances.
The third clinic will accept embryos from other clinics, is rated as high as if not higher than our current clinic, and can get us in next month.  We can also keep our mid-June transfer data.  Done.  End of story.
I am so thankful that our nurse called us.  The other clinics had heard that our clinic was closing, but had not yet received any calls from patients.
The early bird apparently does really get the worm……

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