Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Consent Signing
This was our first trip back to our clinic in over a year.  Our last visit was our IVF follow up where they explained the grading of our day 3 embryos (3 grade 3 and 1 grade 4) and suggested that we may want to try yet another IVF cycle in the chance that it may yield better quality embryos.  Needless to say, it was not the most pleasant visit in the world.

This visit was occurring under much better circumstances.  We were getting ready to give those 4 “fair” embryos a chance, so now everyone is hopeful that they will work and that the quality won’t be an issue.

Our appointment started with the collection of my vitals (weight and blood pressure check).  I thought this was strange and completely unnecessary to sign a contract, but they said that they needed it.  The only good news was that after all that we have been through I am finally back to my pre-IVF weight.  Oh, in addition to being a costly, emotionally trying, invasive procedure, one of the often occurring side effects of fertility treatments is weight gain.  Talk about kicking you when you are down!

Our doctor came in with the paperwork and we got down to business.  Since we had been through this process once before already it went pretty quickly as we didn’t really have too many questions.  We talked about timing of a transfer based on 1) GCs cycle 2) the required 4-5 transfer drug protocol 3) clinic available timing and 4) our work schedules.  We are looking at a mid-June transfer.

Our last stop was with the financial counselor to “show them the money”.  Another large check written to our clinic……

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