Friday, February 27, 2015

Making The Most Of A Work Trip

This week I have been traveling for work.  I started the week in Denver and am ending the week in sunny San Francisco (well in Emeryville actually).  How about we just say “The Bay Area”.
Since it is cold back in Minnesota, a trip to someplace warm was a nice trip – even though it was for work.
I had a few hours to kill before my flight, so I drove to the marina in Emeryville and found a bench to sit on and soak up the sun and the beautiful scenery.  I wish I could talk Mark into moving here….
Last night I had drinks and dinner with my counterpart at our sister company out here.  We have really become close over the past couple of years and seeing her is always a highlight of my visits.  It was also fun that it is Chinese New Year and Chinese New Year is a big deal in the Bay Area.
All of a sudden we hear what sounds like fireworks outside.  Then music and drums.  Then came the dragaon…..
Two dragons came in and danced amongst the restaurant patrons.  It was a fun and entertaining night J

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