Monday, March 9, 2015

Advocacy Alert - MN Residents Act Now!

I generally try to stay out of and avoid discussing politics as much as possible.  But, when there is a political agenda and possible legislative changes that could impact my ability and the ability of many others to build a family, then I will get involved.

If you live in Minnesota, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with proposed Bills SF 348 and HF 437.  This bills could create a legislative environment where not only would surrogacy not be legal in Minnesota, but IVF and egg and sperm donation could also become illegal.

Please also take a moment to write to local representative to ask them to oppose these bills.

Remember that if you don't fight for your rights, no one else will.

You can do so in minutes by following the link below.....

State: Minnesota Bill Numbers: SF 348 and HF 437
Updated: March 6, 2015
  • Description of Bill: This bill would establish a Commission made up of state legislators to analyze surrogacy and IVF and review ethical considerations of allowing these to occur in Minnesota.
  • Does RESOLVE support or oppose this Bill: RESOLVE opposes this bill.
  • Analysis of Bill: On the surface this bill appears to be neutral in reviewing surrogacy in Minnesota and the public policy issues associated with surrogacy agreements. However, the bill is biased and slanted against surrogacy, which is not defined (gestational carrier vs. traditional surrogacy.)  The bill questions the ethics of conceiving children via surrogacy, IVF, egg and sperm donation. The bill tasks the commission with studying the business practices of fertility clinics, attorneys and brokers. This seems to be far outside the expertise of a Commission and does not serve the interests of Minnesota residents.
  • Current status of the Bill in the legislative process: The bill has been introduced in the Minnesota Senate and referred to the State and Local Government Committee. The Senate Bill had a committee hearing on February 16, 2015. At that time, the bill was tabled. The House bill was introduced in the Minnesota House and referred to the Civil Law and Data Practices Committee. The bill has passed through the House Civil Law and Data Practices Committee and sent to the House Government Operations and Elections Policy Committee on a divided voice vote. 
  • Link to Bill: SF 348HF 437
  • To read about the supporters of this bill, visit their website link here.
  • Read "Legislators Taking Aim at Third-Party Reproduction" published by
  • Read "Surrogacy policies need more thoughtful development, committee votes" published in the Minnesota Session Daily.
  • Local Volunteer Needs: Please send a letter opposing this bill to the Minnesota State Legislators here. If you want to testify against this bill or meeting directly with your state legislators on this issue, please contact RESOLVE at

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