Saturday, November 29, 2014

London Calling

Today we had a half day London tour and got a taste of what the upcoming bus tour will be like.  The bus was supposed to leave our hotel at 8 am.  Mark and I were on the bus by 7:57, and this was even after Mark had to run up to the room to grab his tour pass.  But yet the bus did not leave at 8 am as promised, oh no, since half of the bus wasn't there until 8:10.

I admit that I am generally not a timely person.  I am pretty much always 5 minutes late for everything.  But I vowed that for this vacation I was going to be on time - the rumor is that you will get left places if you are not on time.  Unfortunately this is not generally true.

We got a nice driving tour around town and stopped by Westminster Abbey for pictures.

We were told to be back on the bus no later than by 10:40.  We were told that the bus leaves at 10:40, that the changing of the guard happens at 11:11 whether or not we are there and that the tour guide would rather we were there.  At 10:45 we had to leave, and we left a couple behind.  It would not be the first tme that we had to wait for this couple.

After the tour we decided to go back to Westminster Abbey after a quick lunch.  You see, I kept passing up going to Westminster Abbey the past two days since I knew that we would be close due to the tour today.  What I did not realize was that the Abbey closed early on Saturdays - and that we were in line just late enough to miss the last entrance :(  I was sad about this but Mark assured me that there would be a lot more interesting churches on our tour.

Mark placated me by taking a cruise on the Thames :)

After the cruise we ended the evening with yet another great dinner.  I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the food that we have had the last few days.  Everything has been very good :)

Tomorrow we meet up with the tour and start on our way to Paris.

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