Thursday, November 6, 2014

And Now For Someone Completely Different

Now that I am starting to think straight again after our loss last week I realized that India told us that the next transfer would occur in 10 - 15 days.

Wait a minute.....

That seems a little soon doesn't it?

Since I have never been through the transfer process myself I looked to the infertility boards for the answer on this.  Everything that I have read says that the you are supposed to have at least one normal cycle in between a loss and your next transfer attempt.  Your body needs a chance to get back to normal to ensure that the next transfer is done under optimal conditions.

It took some nagging, but I finally convinced Mark that we should express our concerns to India that this transfer seems to be happening a little too fast.

We were told that the reason that they do not need to wait a cycle in between is because it is a different surrogate.

Ummmmm.......doesn't that kind of void our surrogate contract?

Technically yes.  India said that we will need to sign a new contract once the surrogate becomes pregnant.

In some ways, this may be good.  I doubt that the surrogate was the issue with our loss, but I guess that by changing surrogates you can potentially rule out surrogate issues in the future.  It also may be good that we will be doing on transfer on this person's natural cycle.  I did worry that the fact that I only stimmed for 7 days vs. the normal 10 days could mean that the transfer happened at a less than optimal time of the surrogate's cycle.

India must have a whole line up of surrogates at the ready to step in whenever needed.

I wonder if this was part of the reason that we didn't feel like we were encouraged to meet our surrogate?  They don't want you to get attached since there is always a possibility that the players may change.

I hope that our original surrogate will get another chance with someone else.  I would hate for my bum eggs to ruin someone else's chance at changing their life.


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