Monday, November 10, 2014

A Surprising Side Effect of Infertility Treatments

The allergist's office called today to talk about my future allergy shots.  They wanted to know if I had a chance to go over my insurance benefits.

I had to admit that I hadn't, but figured that the shots were probably covered.

The nurse said that they ARE usually covered by insurance, but did not want to go forward with creating the serum unless I knew that they were for sure covered by insurance due to the cost of the serum and shots.

She said that they have had some people be unpleasantly surprised in the past, and now they make sure that everything is OK and covered before proceeding.

I said that even if the serum and shots were not covered, it was worth it to me to pay out of pocket since this will make my allergies better.  I also figured that they most likely weren't THAT expensive.

The nurse then spoke tentatively, "Are you sure?  The serum is $780."

I started laughing.  I started laughing so hard that I almost feel out of my chair.

I explained to the surprised nurse that I have gone through rounds of infertility treatments, and that $780 for something that works well for most people vs. thousands of dollars for something that works less than 30% of the time for most people sounds like a great deal.

 $780?  The medication alone for an IVF cycle is usually 4-5 times that?!

What an interesting side effect of fertility treatments - so many things seem so cheap comparatively.

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