Sunday, December 28, 2014

I think It's Time For A Break

Mark and I have been talking about where we are at and what our next steps should be.

Unfortunately right now I don't know that we are on the same page.

Mark is already talking about our next IVF.  What?  Last summer when we started down this path we were talking about one IVF and we have now done three.  And, after the second I said "never again".  The only reason I agreed to the third was due to India and the fact that it cost the same price to do an IVF there as it would have cost to ship our embryos over.

We've already done a bonus round.

Also, if none of our 10 embryos work who's to say the 11th would?  Unfortunately I think that I may just be suffering the same fate as many 39 year olds - my egg quality has fallen off due to age.  Unfortunately no amount of DHEA, supplements, diet, acupuncture or fertility yoga can actually change that.  We all like to think that these things work, but statistically they don't.

There may actually be hope through some experimental procedures out through through a company called Ovascience.  Unfortunately these treatments are expensive, only increase IVF success by 10% and are not available in the US (not FDA approved).  Their long term effects are also not yet known.

There is also the offer from Mark's sister that I just haven't processed yet.

Because we are not on the same page, because since we started on this journey a year and a half ago we have had a lot of heartache, because even as much as we love each other infertility has been hard on our marriage - and hard on both of us in general, we have decided that we are going to take a little time off.

We are going to take a little while to not worry about beta tests, shipping eggs, IVF, etc. etc.

We are going to take a little time for us.

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