Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas is Coming!

Today is the day that I realized that Christmas will be here in less than two weeks and I AM NOT READY!

My excuse is that we just got back from vacation last week, but technically I could have been planning before vacation instead of planning my vacation wardrobe.  A girl's got to have her priorities though.....

Today I decided to tackle Mark's present.  He asked for some new aftershave.  Unfortunately this is something that I cannot just order online like I do pretty much everything else.  Nope.  I have to go to a store and smell different men's colognes and pick out one that I think I can live with.

What a zoo! I was nearly hit a couple of times in the parking lot alone.

People were EVERYWHERE in the store.  An associate came over and asked me if I needed help.  I said no.  Really I just needed to pick a cologne that didn't smell like ass. 

When did so many men's colognes come out?  This definitely was not like the good old days when designer cologne meant either Polo or Drakkar Noir (remember those days?)

Now there are like 6 different kinds of Polo alone.

Of course there almost no test strips around so I am trying to sniff the bottles or spray some cologne in the air without getting any on me.  FAIL.

I then proceed to accidentally get a full spray on my hand.  Of course it is a scent that I HATE.  And, I get to smell like it for the next 1/2 hour while I wait in line to check out (I wish that I was embellishing right now) and the 1/2 hour ride home until I can wash my hands.

I hope Mark likes his stupid aftershave.

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