Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Process Begins.....

Technically the process began a while ago, but today our GC starts Lupron which is arguably the first step of the frozen embryo transfer process (FET).  You could also argue that the process started with birth control pills....but I am going to hold the Lupron stance.

Birth control is used in infertility treatments to coordinate cycle timing as well as to help "quiet" the ovaries before treatment (both to prevent ovarian cysts and as "down-regulation".  Many women find it ironic (myself included) that something that is taken to prevent pregnancy is also used to create it.

Many of those starting fertility treatments have taken birth control or even other oral medications before, so taking them again isn't really a big deal.  Having to give yourself shots, however, is a big deal for most of us.  I had never given myself a shot before as has the vast majority of the population. It is REALLY hard to give yourself your first shot.  Self-protection is part of human nature and "harming" yourself on purpose is not self-protective.  So, having to shoot yourself up with Lupron is a big deal and to me, the start of the FET process.

Our GC has gone through injection training (as has her husband) and feels pretty comfortable with the shot prospect.  Honestly, she seems to be doing better with the whole process than we are. Maybe having children really does prepare you for almost anything.

I hope to see someday....

Today the Lupron shots start.  In a little over a week our GC will have her baseline ultrasound.  If that goes well (ie everything is "quiet") then she will start Estrace.  In about two weeks after that our GC will have her lining check.  If that goes well she will start Progesterone.  Shortly after that our embryos will be thawed.  If they grow into blastocysts we will have a transfer shortly thereafter.  Just shy of two weeks after the transfer our GC will have her first beta.  Provided that the first beta is positive our GC will have a second beta two days later.  After that we see how it goes....

The roller coaster ride has begun.

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