Friday, May 22, 2015

Sometimes No News Is Good News

Sometimes no news really is good news.

Today our GC had her baseline ultrasound, the purpose of which is to examine the ovaries.  This procedure is used to ensure that the ovaries are not producing eggs are the time of the scan (are "suppressed").  Another purpose of this procedure is to check for cysts.  If a cyst is detected the IVF or FET cycle can be cancelled as you would need to wait to try again until the cyst is resolved.  My second IVF cycle was almost cancelled due to the fact that I had a cyst at my baseline ultrasound.  Luckily it was just under the the "no-go" size and we were able to proceed.

Our GC's baseline was textbook.  No ovarian activity detected - no eggs and no cysts.  No news.

She was cleared to start Estrace tonight which is the next step of the FET process.

Her shots have been going OK and outside of a little weight gain seems to be having no side effects from the birth control pills or the Lupron (Lupron gave me terrible headaches and fits of near rage - pretty much a very cranky person that you didn't want to be around - not completely uncommon according the infertility blogs that I have read).

It continues to fascinate me that while my process was full of false starts and pot holes, our GC's process has been flawless.  Probably why she's our GC and why we are in this mess to begin with.

No news = good news.

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