Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Group Shrink

Mark and I have had our testing and psychologist appointment, family member and her husband have had their testing and psychologist appointment, we can now proceed to the group appointment.
Our appointment was in the middle of the afternoon – it was hard to coordinate the work schedules of four people and find a time that worked well for everyone. 
The psychologist’s office is more set up for couples or maybe a couple and child.  We had to squeeze a little bit to fit in all four adults.
It was good that we had all had our own previous appointments.  The psychologist had done a very good job of discussing all of the pertinent issues with each group ahead of time, so when we got together she was able to dive right in.  This was definitely not her first rodeo.
It was also good that we had previously gone through a sample legal contract and had already discussed most of the more difficult issues and had already come to an agreement.  The business end of our meeting went pretty fast and was pretty easy.
The fact that in addition to the contract terms, we had already discussed many of the more difficult emotional issues was also very helpful.  Our meeting with the psychologist was really more of a reiteration of previous meetings and felt more like a finishing touch than a difficult emotional meeting.
This was good.  It felt like we had done a lot of things right.  The psychologist agreed.  We all “passed”.

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