Saturday, July 18, 2015


Today I went into work for a while to make some headway on a project that I have been working on.  I HAD to leave by 5:30 at the very latest in order to get home by 6:00 in order to be at our friends house by 7:00.  They were making an awesome fancy dinner to celebrate our upcoming birthday.  I say "our" because my friends husband and I share the same birthday.

A while back we had dinner with them and they suggested that we do a fancy dinner together to celebrate our birthday.  They would host and cook we just needed to bring an appetizer and an awesome cake from Woullet Bakery.  If you are from the Twin Cities and you have never had Woullet's you need to go.  If you are not from the Twin Cities it is worth the trip.....

In typical Teri style I do not leave work at 5:30, no, I don't leave work until 6:00.

Now I am stressed out and rushing to get home.

And I have to pee......BAD.

I call Mark on the way and let him know that I was coming and that we had to leave right away when I got there.  He promised to have the car packed and ready to go.

I get home, decide that I don't even have time pee (I would have to hold it until I got there) and away we went.

Somehow we actually made it there at 7:00. 

I get in the door and as I am taking off my shoes I let our friend's husband know that I need to have to hit the bathroom.  He said that my friend needs to show me something quick first.  Ack!  Pee!  It must be good since Mark has already disappeared until the kitchen.

I turn the corner and greeted by a room full of my friends and family.  My family!  My sister and her husband flew in from DC.  My parents, my sister, my other sister and her husband all came up from Iowa.  My friend, husband and new baby who I have not yet met were there.  My "CPAs gone wild" friends were there.  My girlfriend who has two very young children who I don't get to see that often was there (and her husband had the kids so it was a big night out for her).  My matron of honor and her hubbie were there.  Our other friends with babies who don't get to get out often anymore were there (a few couples). 

I was in shock.  I didn't know what to think or say.

When everyone yelled surprise I couldn't help but start cyring - but happy tears.

I could not believe that everyone had pulled this off.

What a nice surprise.

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