Saturday, July 4, 2015

Flashback Fourth

While celebrating the birth of our country, I also spent some time reflecting on how this Independence Day is vastly different than the past few Independence Days. 

Julu 4, 2014 - We were in the midst of selecting clinics for surrogacy in India.  We had a call with a clinic on the morning of July 4th since it is not a holiday there.  We were hopeful that we would be returning to India in about a year's time to collect our baby, maybe even babies....

July 4, 2013 - We were getting ready to start our first IVF cycle.  We were hopeful that in about a year's time we would be witnessing the birth of our baby, maybe even babies....

July 4, 2012 - We were in the process of pre-screening for using a gestational carrier.  While we were nervous about the prospects of our gestational carrier working out, we were hopeful that in about a year's time, we might be winessing the birth of our bably, maybe even our babies.

July 4, 2011 - We were 6 months into our marriage and starting to talk about our options and starting to research IVF, gestational surrogacy and clinics.  We were hopeful that within a couple of years time we might be witnessing the birth of our baby, maybe even our babies.

Flash forward to July 4, 2015......

We are now on our 5th gestational carrier, two of which were in India. 

We have had three IVFs - one cancelled due to poor response, one resulting in poor quality embryos, and one in India. 

We have transferred 6 embyros in two transfers - one was a BFN, one was a chemical.

We had four frozen embryos left here....we were lucky to have one grade 3 day 5 morula to transfer to our gestational carrier on June 11th.

We have had two positive beta tests.  They were positive, but not overwhelmingly so.

Today were are 6 weeks pregnant, but less hopeful that we would be celebrating Independence Day with our maybe baby.  We now that it would be only one, not twins like we had riduculously hoped for before. 

If we have one, it will be only one. 

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