Monday, April 6, 2015

The time has come, the Walrus said, To talk of many things....

For those of you who aren't familiar with this reference, it is from "The Walrus And The Carpenter" by Lewis Carrol.

In this case I am the Walrus and my boss is the Carpenter....or vice versa....or it doesn't really matter.

Today, after thinking long and hard about my work situation, I gave notice at work.  I haven't been happy at work for a while - we went through an acquisition and my situation (as well as many others) changed rather significantly.

Granted it has actually been a while since the acquisition and I am just leaving now.....there are a few reasons for that.  At first, the job market had not been especially strong at first and there just weren't any good jobs out there.  Then, the second half of 2013 I was attempting IVFs so it didn't seem like the best time to try to make a move.  Once the market started to open up (spring of last year), I actually had an offer that I did not take - not quite the right opportunity.  Then, the second half of 2014 we were prepping for India, and then going to India and then dealing with two failed transfers - again not a good time to make a move.  This spring I decided to stop putting my life on hold and start looking again.  Thankfully, a great opportunity presented itself.

The most difficult decision for me was not that to leave my current employer, it was actually choosing which employer that I would move to.  You see, I did not just have one job offer, I actually had two.  Two very good job offers.  Two very good offers with good companies.  It was a good problem to have, but also a very difficult problem to have.  I have been listing pros and cons for weeks and think that I have finally made my decision.

In the end it wasn't that difficult giving my notice.  They knew that I hadn't been happy for a while and that I was also "a big fish in a small pond".  I give them credit for asking if there was anything that they could do or change, but they knew that there wasn't.

Although I am excited about my new opportunity, I am also sad to be leaving my current company.  They treated my very well.  I am well respected and am very connected.  I have made a lot of friends here over the past few years and although I know that I can still see them, we all know that it is difficult to stay in touch.

The next few weeks will be difficult.  I have a lot of projects to try to finish up, and will also have to say a lot of good byes.

I hate good byes.

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