Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Scooter

This is the scooter that was a large part of my life all of the fourth quarter of 2011.  I slipped on the stairs (trying to avoid stepping on the cat) and managed to give myself a Lisfranc injury (which is basically a really bad tear or sometimes fracture of the mid foot

The worst part was that I did this in the sub-basement (we have a split-level) and Mark was out of town.  So, after laying on the stairs and rolling around in pain for several minutes, I has to army crawl up 2 flights of stairs to even get an ice pack.

Since I am not an NFL quarterback it was not a "career-ending" injury...but it still sucked.  I was in an aircast for 12 weeks and non weightbearing for 8 of those weeks.  It was quite painful for the first few weeks also until the swelling started to go down.  I vowed that next time I will just step on the cat.

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