Friday, February 19, 2016

Playing the Waiting Game

This morning we had a check up at the doctor. 

The doc said that it looked like nothing is going with Baby S.  Our GC's cervix has neither dilated or thinned and it looks like Baby S. has not fully dropped.  Her blood pressure is good and she is doing well so it looks like there are no health issues on her part. 

Off to the ultrasound to see how things are going with Baby S. 

The ultrasound revealed that the placenta still looked good and there was plenty of amniotic fluid so no potential issues for Baby S. at this point.

The verdict - Baby S. was good where he is at and we go in next Friday for a recheck.

Our GC was disappointed - she was hoping for an induction next week.  She had been induced a little early with her two children.  I have to admit that I was a little disappointed too - I would like Baby S. here as soon as we can safely have him.

Now we get to play the waiting game......

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