Friday, January 22, 2016

The Uber Baby

We found out today that we are having an Uber Baby.

At every appointment Baby S has been measuring right on track - exactly at the percentile that he should.

Until today.....

Today Baby S is measuring ahead.  And not just a little ahead.  He is on track to be a 10 lber.


I can't say that I am surprised.  Myself and all of my siblings were all between 9 - 10 lbs.  Mark was also not a small baby.  And, they say (again the mythical "they") that baby size is genetic.

Our GC also wasn't completely surprised.  She grows big babies herself.  Her two children were close to 9 lbs and delivered a week early due to their size.

What did surprise me was that all of sudden he is measuring ahead. 

Maybe he went on a binge with the rest of us over the holidays?

In any case, 10 lbs. is pretty big.  We are now estimated that our GC will be induced a week early (like in her first two pregnancies) to try to help keep Baby S. a bit less uber.

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