Saturday, October 16, 2010

Duck Weekend

Our friends all headed up north for Duck Weekend.  Usually this is just the guys, but since I have actually shot and killed before and have shown that I am a "real" hunter, the guys made a special exception to let me come along.  The other wives came also but stayed out of the duck blind.  We had a lot of fun - especially Friday night.  Which made getting up at 4:30 on Saturday really suck.  But...such is hunting.  Unfortunately we saw no ducks, despite the duck calls the guys were making (aka farts - lots of farts from all of the beer the night before).  I had to borrow a coat and waders - they were Men's waders and I have pretty small feet - I think my foot only took up about 1/2 of the boot.  At one point I managed to tip over on my back and couldn't get up - like a turtle.  I didn't get wet so in the end it was pretty funny.

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